WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT reFresh365…a lifestyle revolution co?

Sharon Lake, Founder of reFresh365, has been in the lifestyle services industry since 2005. Her passion for helping others to achieve beauty, health, and wellness both inside and out inspired her to launch the first on location mobile spa company in Michigan. She then relocated and expanded to Tennessee in 2007.

Allowing yourself to be catered to is no longer just an indulgent luxury for the rich and famous nor should it be a once in a lifetime treat. reFresh365 caters to women and men of all ages and backgrounds who wish to regain their health, beauty, and overall well-being. Taking time out to nourish your mind and body just makes sense…EVERYDAY.

reFresh365 is comprised of a network of spa techs, wellness coaches, personal trainers, and personal stylist professionals that offer a host of specialty lifestyle services.

reFresh365 uses the highest standards for sanitation and hygiene. All of the products used in our treatments are natural and of the purest quality. We are here to deliver exceptional service and satisfaction. Our team of lifestyle revolution specialists are experienced, caring professionals who are passionate about what they do and strive to offer the best services possible. All services are provided on-location.