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reFresh365 makes good business sense.  One of the main contributors to our everyday stress is our workplace.  The latest in workplace incentives, wellness services separate companies with superior employee performance from those with marginal employee retention. The stress of deadlines and client interactions can melt away with a visit from reFresh365.

Studies have shown that a workplace wellness program can have many benefits for both employers and workers.  By providing a wellness program such as reFresh365,  employees benefit by having happier, healthier lives.  This significantly benefits the company because healthy employees experience increased job satisfaction, fewer absences, and increased productivity

reFresh365 delivers stress-reducing , work-enhancing massage , nutrition and wellness coaching, and personal training  services to your workplace.  Add reFresh365 to your list of employee benefits.  Reward your employees for work well done with our services.  We’ll design a corporate wellness program that’s ideal for your company.

Chair massage stations
Group Personal Training Sessions  (custom)
Lunch & Learn programs
Nutrition & Wellness Workshops

Give the gift of care
Whether giving to yourself or the ones most dear to you… When you take the time to show you care, you show love. When you make the time to take care of yourself, you are at your best to take care of those who rely on you.

Contact us at 1.888.225.7088 or email info@reFreshlife365.com to see how reFresh365 can improve your employees’ productivity and performance.

Corporate Spa parties with ReFresh365
reFresh365 parties make great office parties. Congratulate your team on an outstanding performance. Celebrate a new client. Congratulations on retirement. Custom designed for your business, have a reFresh365 party for :

• Employee Recognition
• Employee Team Building
• Going-away Parties
• Holiday Parties
• Record Sales
• Merger Sales

Corporate Fitness
Corporate fitness has become a top priority for many companies, and reFresh365 is proud to offer on-site fitness programs. Our at -work workouts are designed to help employees feel re-energized, rejuvenated and more productive at work.

Fitness in the workplace has been shown to :
Increase productivity
Lower turnover rates
Decrease healthcare costs
Reduce absenteeism
Improve teamwork

reFresh365 tailors our physical activity programs to your company. Our workouts range from moderate to intense sessions, and we can accommodate large groups or small groups, depending on the number of employees interested in participating.
Call reFresh365 at 1.888.225.7088 for more information about our customized employee workout programs!