Is our Nutrition and Lifestyle Education Service right for you?
Our Nutrition and Lifestyle Education Service is the perfect solution if you are looking for affordable information on current, critical topics, presented in a fun and engaging manner. Whether you are an individual looking to learn in a group setting, a corporate executive looking to provide a valuable resource for your most valuable resource, or a formal or informal group with an interest in health and wellness, we can create an educational experience that will give you:

  • Concise, understandable information on nutrition, health and lifestyle issues
  • Targeted content, resources and encouragement
  • Assistance with sorting through the facts and fallacies relating to healthy living
  • Support that meets you “where you are” and helps you get where you want to go
  • Encouragement rather than preaching, purism or condemnation
  • Practical ideas to make your desired changes as easy and manageable as possible
  • Solutions to help you prioritize, divide and conquer

How our Nutrition and Lifestyle Education Service works:
There are a variety of venues you can select from based on your goals and needs, including:

  • Educational dinner parties… a delicious experience exclusively from reFresh. Enjoy a tasty meal made with the finest ingredients presented by one of our Healthy reFresh Lifestyle personal chefs who will share their experience and expertise on how to prepare nourishing meals in your own home.
  • Educational cooking classes offering a series of unique, engaging and entertaining cooking classes where you will learn to prepare delicious foods while learning what makes them so good for you.

Healthy Kitchen reFresher    our Healthy Kitchen refresher Coach offers hands on assistance to help you cleanse  and covert your kitchen of unhealthy foods and products and replace them with healthy choices.